7 New Year’s Resolutions to Boost your Career

Now that the New Year is here and Christmas holidays are over, it is time for lots of people to go back to work. If you are one of those people that hopes for 2016 to be the year when they finally see an improvement on their career, make sure you bookmark these New Year’s resolutions and that you stick to them.

1. I will have an up-to-date resume always ready

You never know when you will be needing an updated resume, so make sure you revise it regularly and include your new skills, training courses, experience, and language improvements… If you see yourself looking for a new job all of a sudden, it will take less time to get deep in the job search if you already have your CV ready and up-to-date.

2. I will be more organised

It is a New Year and a new quarter:

Are you sure you will still be needing all those papers and sticky notes? Get rid of all useless documents from your desk (that means your computer too), and start fresh the New Year.

It is proven that a clean and tidy desk boosts your productivity, so take 5 extra minutes to read through these documents and make sure you do not accidentally “delete” any important folder.

3. I will accept criticism and bad feedback

Learning how to accept feedback is basic when it comes to growing on your career. Good feedback and nice words are always great to hear, of course, because it almost feels like a reward for your hard-work. However, most of the time it is criticism what help us learn and grow professionally. Write down all these things you have been told to improve on and make them a New Year’s resolution themselves.

4. I will improve my relationship with my boss and co-workers

Your relationship with your colleagues should be fantastic, especially if you work shoulder-to-shoulder with them, in order to meet the company’s annual goals and KPIs.

Do not forget to establish a few minutes conversation every morning with your colleagues.  Help them with their workload when you have some free time, and care about their worries. A good idea is to go for some afterwork drinks once a month. That way, you will get to know them better and it will be much easier working with them everyday, as you will be able to predict more or less how they will react in certain situations.

#5. I will invest in courses and in learning new skills

A great way to become indispensable for a company is being aware of industry trends and useful skills, and trying to develop them somehow.

Is your company going international? Improve your language skills. Is your company hosting or taking part in important event? Develop your communicative skills. Is it becoming an e-business? Learn about Online Marketing.

Your boss will appreciate your efforts and you will be one step closer to fulfill your next New Year’s resolution.

#6. I will be promoted

First of all, work for it:

Bring new ideas, be proactive, work some extra hours, and do not leave for home if you have not finished your duties. Become irreplaceable. Then, let your boss know. OK, we all want to be promoted, but make sure your boss is aware that you are ready and willing to take more responsibilities and duties now. Usually, bosses prefer to promote somebody who knows the company well, than hire somebody for that specific role, so be sure that you are first on his/her list.

#7. I will quit my job

You are not happy with your duties. You are not comfortable in the office. You are always stressed. You “don’t feel like going to work today, nor tomorrow.” You always want to call in sick. You feel stuck in the same position. All these are signs that you might need to quit your job and make a career change. It is always a good time to find something better, so do not hesitate to start your job search again and leave the adventure you always longed for.


Europe Language Jobs is a job portal for multilingual professionals in Europe and we invite you to make a resolution that lasts; find your dream job!


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