Multinational vs. Start-Up. Which is Better?

After months of being unhappy at the office, you have decided that you want to leave your current job, so the job search starts over: You sit in front of your computer and open your favourite job board (Europe Language Jobs of course), and when you type the name of your job title, the search gives you two vacancies: One is a great opportunity to work for well-known multinational and the other one is a vacancy for a start-up.

Do not know which one to choose? Do not worry, we will give you the main Pros of working for a big company or for a small one.

Entrepreneurs' Day 2015

Reasons to Work for a Multinational

  1. You Will Meet Lots of People…

… And they will all come from different backgrounds, and have extensive experience, from which of course you can learn. They surely come from different parts of the world, and the age range will be pretty wide. You might struggle at first when trying to learn your colleagues’ names, but once you do, a great community will be made and it will also help increase your network. You never know who might be your next employer.

  1. You Will Specialise…

… And because of that, your workday will be much less hectic than if you worked at a Start-up with a hundred things to deal with. On the other hand, there will be lots of pressure, because everybody wants to work for a multinational, so basically, there will be lots of competition willing to take your place if you are not productive enough.

  1. You Will Get a Higher Salary…

… because most of the time working for a well-known company equals a well-paid job. Simple as that.

  1. You Will Get Recognised…

How cool does it sound to say you work for Paypal? Or Google? Or General Electric? And not only that, this experience will make your CV stand out in future job interviews. Having work experience in a big company is always going to look great on your CV, and recruiters will certainly take that into account during the recruitment process. Let’s put it this way, who would you hire; somebody with three years of experience in a small company or somebody with three years of experience at Google? We thought so.

  1. You Will Feel Safer

What are the chances of a multinational shutting down? It is not likely, right? This means that you will have your job secured. Actually the company is probably going to include you in their employee program and chances are that you get promoted after a couple of years working there.


Reasons to Work for a Start-Up

  1. You Will Have Lots of Responsibilities

Working for a start-up means few people dealing with lots of work, so it is safe to say that you will have a bunch of responsibilities from day one. Actually, if you work hard enough, it is even possible that you end up being Responsible for a certain section, i.e. “Head of Communications”, “SEO manager”…

  1. Your Colleagues Will Become Your Friends

A start-up is usually formed by 5 to 12 people and you will be working shoulder to shoulder with them, so after a period of time it is likely that you end up becoming friends with them and grabbing a beer after work from time to time.

  1. You Will Learn Valuable Skills

Since you will be dealing with several tasks probably in different departments, you will gain great experience and improve your soft skills. Make sure after this experience you add at least “Team Working”, “Multitasking” and “Creativity” to your CV.

  1. You Will Get Recognised

Let’s face it, it is not likely that the CEO him or herself comes to congratulate you for your hard work in a multinational. This, however, can actually happen fairly regularly if you work in a start-up. They know how difficult it is to make a small company grow, so both your manager and your colleagues will give you credit when you successfully accomplish a difficult task.

  1. You Will See The Company Growing

As you grow within the company, you will see how the company grows as well. There is no better feeling than seeing how something you almost created yourself from zero, something you spent so many hours working in, is starting to grow. You would not wish to be working anywhere else when your first client buys your product. Yes, it is “YOURS”; you designed it yourself, or maybe you developed it, or you put all your efforts in that marketing campaign, maybe you even sold it to that client; so definitely, working for start-up means feelings being involved.


Now it is your turn to let us know where you would rather work. Would you choose a multinational or a start-up?

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