6 Things You Should Be Doing To Stay Motivated At Work

The key to being successful at work is being motivated every day and loving what you do. It is perfectly fine to have the “I don’t feel like working” feeling from time to time, but if your tasks do not motivate you at all, maybe it is a symptom that you should be quitting your job. However, before taking such a decision, we recommend that you try the following tips to be more motivated in the office:

1.Have Goals – Get Rewards

It is scientifically proven that having a goal and aiming to it boosts your energy and makes you more prone to work hard to achieve it. However, make sure you do not put your standards too high at first. Make a list of all the tasks you have to complete in one day and get a reward whenever you finish one: this could be a five minute break, a hot cup of coffee, a snack…

  1. Have Some Rest

As well as having your 8-hour sleep every night, it is highly recommended that you rest your eyes throughout the day. Take five to ten minutes for yourself every time you successfully accomplish a difficult task. Furthermore, it is important that you don’t spend your whole shift looking at your computer screen, as it might cause damage to your sight. A good way to rest your eyes is looking at a white surface, such a wall or a board.

  1. Look for Motivational Quotes and Videos

Listening to successful people’s wise words might boost your motivation and lead to a better performance. Our ultimate favourite is Steve Jobs’ Speech at Stanford. You can even set a motivational quote as a wallpaper to remind you the reason why you are there.

do it for her ELJ

  1. Listen To Music

A good way to keep motivation at work is listening to music. Bring your Ipod to work if it is allowed, and put on your favourite tunes for a while At Europe Language Jobs, we love to have some time to ourselves in the office with our headphones on every now and then… And our performance is even better during that period of time!

  1. Spend Time with Your Co-workers

However, you should not be listening to music all the time, as it is great to get involved in the office. Spend time with your co-workers; learn what their tasks are and get to know them a little bit more. Having a nice working atmosphere is always a great motivation to go to work every day – especially on Mondays-, so you can schedule some exciting plan for Lunch –Sushi maybe?-, with your workmates and have a relaxed chat with them.

  1. Do Some Exercise

The best way to have lots of energy before work and nail it during your shift is to take part in physical activities early in the morning. It will boost your performance throughout the day as you will be fully awake by the time you get to work. Although we recommend running, you can choose your favourite workout or even go to the gym: in fact, it will be much less crowded and you will be able to enjoy some time to yourself.

These easy tips will help you to be successful at work and increase your performance throughout the day. Even so, remember that if you are not feeling happy at the company and you feel you are not getting the maximum out of it, maybe it is time to have a career change. If so, check our current vacancies at Europe Language Jobs.

Picture: Startup Stock Photos

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