Be a Leader: 3 Easy Tips

Smiling: Group of satisfied business people

Leadership is one of the main skills that recruiters look for when hiring a candidate. Even though the job offer is not necessarily for a leader position, this skill is on demand since team work has made it to the top of most required abilities by employers. Enterprises now search for a person who passes on their enthusiasm to their co-workers so that they become a more productive team.

We have gathered the main attributes a leader should have and how to show them at work:

  • Before Getting the Job
  1. Be Creative

A great way to show recruiters that you are innovative is to make your CV stand out from the crowd. Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes everyday and they usually look all the same. Avoid clichés like stating that you are “responsible” or “proactive”. Try something new instead or give examples on how you are “proactive” without using this term. A creative candidate is twice as likely to be offered an interview.

2. Show Enthusiasm

We know that you have probably gone to several interviews this week, but if you really want to get the job you should show the interviewer that you are enthusiastic about it. Let them know how interested you are in the position by asking them questions about the company -i.e: what plans they have to grow the business, etc-. If you show interest in key factors such as their business plan, they will know you are willing to stay within the company for a long period of time and to take responsibilities.

  • After Getting the Job

3. Be Active

This tip kind of gathers the other two. A creative motivated person is more likely to be active during the meetings and to pass on their enthusiasm to their co-workers, boosting their performance. And that is exactly what a leader does. Companies are aware of that and thus this role has increasingly become key in every enterprise.

So, basically what it takes to be a leader is creativity, initiative and enthusiasm. If you meet all this requirements and you are willing to get a job in which you can show your skills, register at  Europe Language Jobs and check our offers.

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