9 things you may need to improve on in your next interview

Keeping with this section of advice on how to do your best in a job interview, the Europe Language Jobs team is happy to present today 9 tips that you should look for in order to improve your performance during an interview.


There are small things that we can thread and use to make a much better impression. Take a look:

  1. The 90-second rule: People tend to speak a lot. None of your answers should be more than 90 seconds long. Get to the point, the shorter and more precise the content the better. The interviewer needs you to do this, so that you don’t waste company time. But equally important, it sends the signal that you can communicate effectively.
  2. Leave out meaningless details: Focus on the core of your answers and leave out information that is superfluous. Don’t get off topic. The interviewer is not your pal and they don’t care about any information that is not relevant to the hiring process.
  3. Seek clarification: You will waste time by misunderstanding a question. Don’t be afraid to ask questions for clarification.
  4. Focus on accomplishments and value-added: If asked to talk about yourself, focus on your accomplishments, experience and use storytelling.
  5. Be relaxed: Your nerves will cause you to talk too much. You need to be composed, relaxed and confident. Practice your responses beforehand so everything you say will make sense.
  6. Avoid looking away: Gazing off, away from the direction of the interviewer due to nerves will make you appear indifferent and cause you to move off track. Keep your eyes in the direction of the interviewer.
  7. Ask meaningful questions: If asked whether you have any questions, never reply, “Nope, you covered it all.” That will make you appear dis-interested. You can often win a job, not based on anything you said about yourself, but rather, the quality of the questions you asked. Asking the interviewer about his or her opinion on the direction of the industry, for example, shows you came prepared for the interview.
  8. Leave pauses: Avoid talking too much; let the interviewer interrupt you if he needs to with new questions or comments. Allow for pauses where the interviewer can inject follow-up questions.
  9. Say thanks when it’s over: Once the interviewer has made it clear that the interview is over, just say thanks for the opportunity. Do not raise new topics and overstay your welcome.

These tips were prepared from several studies and opinions of recruiters according to some mistakes that candidates tend to make. By putting more attention into them you will be more successful in your interviews.

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The structure of this post was taken by an article written by Cory Galbraith with the collaboration of Linkedin.

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