A good job interview in 3 steps

If it is the first time you are facing a job interview you might be a bit nervous and scare of what you are going to face. Even for people who have done several ones it can be a stressful process. That is why in Europe Language Jobs we want to share with you some advice that recruiters recommend to follow and that would make your interview more professional and smooth.

Tip Nº 1: Do your homework 


Before you go to the interview go through the typical questions at home such as:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What interests you about this offer?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What questions do you have for me?
  • How would your friends describe you?

Practice them at home; say the answers out loud, practice with a friend or even in front of a mirror. That way you would feel relax and confident about what you are saying when the interview comes.

Also it’s very important to research the company online before the interview. Check their website and the results that appear in Google about them. Also check their social media channels. Nowadays companies invest lots of efforts and money in building good social media pages so learn about them.

Tip Nº2: Give a first good impression


90% of the times a recruiter knows if he likes a person or not in the first 11 seconds of the interview. The rest of the time he makes sure that his first impression was correct.

So it is crucial to give a great first impression:

  • Dress properly for the occasion, and for the company that you are visiting. Even if it is a skype interview the way you look is going to be important so make an effort.
  • Give a firm and secure hand shake. This small gesture tells a lot about the person and how confident he feels. Recruiters know how to identify these things.
  • Feel confident about yourself. How you feel is going to reflect in how you speak and move, and in what you are saying. You need to be in a positive emotional status.

Tips Nº3: Use storytelling


Recruiters want to hear about you: about how you deal with problems, about how you react to unexpected questions. He wants to know what motivates you and what you love; he wants to hear your story.

You have very little time to make an impression so do not bore them naming all your degrees and titles, tell them your experiences:

  • About the time your reach a difficult goal
  • When you achieved something that made you really proud
  • That action you did that defines who you are
  • How you overcame an obstacle or you succeeded in a difficult situation.

Also you can use storytelling when you are asked about what are your strengths applying them in certain situations of your past. It would make the interview more interesting and definitely it will cause a better impression.

Storytelling is a more powerful tool than most people imagine, and a job interview is a good opportunity to use it.

Hope all this recommendations come in hand to you and you have the opportunity to use them in your following interviews. In the mean time good luck and keep searching for your dream job in: www.europelanguagejobs.com/jobs

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